Fiercely smart, driven, and charmingly quirky, Emily excels in bringing life to flawed, complex characters who embrace their inherent duality.


The emotionally vulnerable badass. The self-destructive hero. The serious and sarcastic bitch who keeps saying hilarious things. Think Gillian Anderson – with a touch of Lucy Lawless and late ’90s Angelina Jolie – meets Meryl Streep’s chameleonic approach to performance.


Some of Emily’s past favourite roles have included: the haunted theoretical physicist who conquers her fears. The sex worker getting naked to pay her grandma’s medical bills. The genuis tech support wizard with a heavy drinking problem. The unassuming final girl who’s actually the killer. The broken-hearted anti-hero who secretly saves others while exacting her revenge. The demure daughter tired of watching her mother’s decline. And so many other amazing women.


Often, Emily plays the sister, wife, or best friend that’s always there – whether it’s to give hugs and advice or help bury a dead body. Sometimes both.

So… who will she become next? Stay tuned!