Coffeehouse Crowd | Interview
Podcast Interview – January 2019


St. Catharines Standard | Interview
“Emily Schooley has always been a performer” – Press Interview July 2018


Caged | Laughing Cat Productions
Journal Pioneer | “New Play About Incarceration to Debut at Island Fringe Festival”

“A brave one-woman play that … provides a candid first-person point of view.”


Heatwave | Queer on Stage
(play; aka “Labels” and “Frog King”, for 10 minute and 20 minute version, respectively)
BentQ | “Erika Reesor’s Labels Holds Space For Us”
Raise the Hammer | “Heatwave Review”
Steel City Girl Reviews | “Review: Heatwave”
View Hamilton | “Hamilton Fringe Reviews”
Todd’s Cafe | Podcast Interview
Life With More Cowbell | “Sharply funny, moving, candid looks at LGBTQ lives in 7th annual Gay Play Day”

“We are captivated with [Schooley and Patterson’s] characters… this was a stand-out show.”


The Vagina Monologues Meets The F Word | 360 Productions
Mooney on Theatre | “Review: The Vagina Monologues Meets The F Word”


Death in a Black Suit | Scarborough Theatre Guild
(play; world premiere)
Scarborough Mirror | “Scarborough Theatre Guild’s Death in a Black Suit a great murder mystery”
Mooney on Theatre | “Review: Death in a Black Suit”
Scarborough Mirror | “Scarborough Theatre Guild presents the world premiere of Maureen Jennings’ Death in a Black Suit”

“The talented actors are all convincing in their roles, which makes it harder to guess… Schooley as Frieda is such an interesting character, and she is successful at leaving us to wonder about her past.”


The Mind Reels | Interview
Mind Reels’ Guinness World Record Attempt – November 2014


Erotic Tales From the Old Testament | dead birds collective & Inque and Quille Productions
My Entertainment World | “Amy at the Fringe, Part One: An Eden Of Sensuality”

“[Emily’s] sensual introductions… are exciting and give the show the skeleton it needs.”


Zed.TO | The Mission Business
(play, immersive theatre)
Zed.TO website
Torontoist | “Fringe 2012: [Zed.TO] ByoLogyc: Where You Become New”
Mooney on Theatre | “2012 Toronto Fringe Review”
The Drake Blog | “Have You Seen Zed.TO Yet?”
Mooney on Theatre | “Preview: ByoRetreat”
Dorkshelf | “Zed.TO Presents ByoLogyc Retreat”
Jamie-Leigh TO | “Review: My ByoLogyc Retreat at Evergreen Brickworks”


Rogue Cinema | Interview
Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – January 2012


The Mind Reels | Interview
Podcast Interview – November 2011


Black Eve | Blackguardism Creations & Factory Film Studio
(feature film)
Horror Society | “Review: Black Eve”
28DaysLater | “Black Eve Lives in Your Nightmares”


Film Snobbery | Interview
Audio Interview – June 2009


Top Girls | Poor Tom Productions
(play; benefit production in honour of Cheryl Grant)
The Record | “Top Girls speaks powerfully to Women”
Echo Weekly | “Top Benefit”